Haiti: Love-A-Child Orphanage

The Love A Child orphanage is a Christian humanitarian organization situated in Fond Parisien, near the Dominican border. This orphanage volunteered to transform part of their grounds into a relief station resembling a Field Medical Station (FMS). Here, a broad coalition of international government and non-government organizations worked to provide a medical care, including on-site surgical procedures, and convalescent care for patients discharged from the USNS Comfort. USPHS participation in this mission was not anticipated at the outset, but when several IRCT logistics officers learned of a need for physical and occupational therapists, LCDR Joe Christ and LT Carlos Estevez volunteered to provide patient care.


LCDR Joe Christ has a unique geniality that enables him to instantly bond with his Haitian patients.


LT Carlos Estevez assesses a Haitian woman’s mobility after a surgery.


LCDR Joe Christ instructs a  patient by giving her walking exercises.


LT Carlos Estevez assesses a patient’s mobility.  This images was used in a promotional poster for the Office of the US Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR).


LCDR Christ overcomes a language barrier.  By flexing his own quadriceps, he demonstrates what he would like the patient to do.


LT Estevez works through the brutal mid-day heat.


An aid worker assess the condition of an infant.


LCDR Christ says goodbye to his favorite patients.  He even gave one of them a parting gift: a military coin that was given to him by a colleague, which LCDR Christ routinely carried with him.


A patient says goodbye to LCDR Christ.


LT Estevez’s patient struggles through a difficult exercise.


LT Estevez observes a patient recovering exceptionally well.