Haiti: The Streets of Port au Prince

Our team spent significant time on the street of Port au Prince as we delivered supplies to sites throughout the city. This offered a unique experience of observing daily life after the earthquake.  We were usually greeted with thankful reception, but reports of sporadic violence necessitated the use of armed escorts.  Our security was provided by soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division, based out of Fort Bragg, NC. These military policemen were experienced veterans that were eager to interrupt their combat roles to serve in this humanitarian mission. While the majority of our interactions with the Haitian people were peaceful, we were grateful that these soldiers provided an effective deterrent as we transported food, water, and medical supplies through impoverished communities.

Crowds marched 10 miles from Pétionville to protest disruptions in food distribution.


Police responded to the protest, which was allwed to peacably proceed and eventually dissolve.


A typical Port au Prince taxi.


Pedestrians included the four-legged type.


A nude boy scrambles through debris between a market and a residential slum.


An aid worker photographs damage from within a bus.


International relief workers celebrate a successful excavation.