Brooke's 100 Days Project

The project: a photo a day for the first 100 days of my daughter’s life.  I tried this when my son, Ethan was born, and the process was as rewarding as it was the first time, both from an artistic perspective, and as a new parent.  Photographically, the process began with the picking of low hanging fruit: obvious compositions that are tried and true.  These quickly become trite as new ideas run scarce, and it has been said that the point at which you exhaust your preconceived visions is where true creativity originates.  I wholeheartedly agree with this notion, and this phenomenon usually manifests as an anxious void as I try to come up with something new for the day’s shot.  Fortunately, life with an infant presets new possibilities every day, and life with an infant AND a toddler exponentially increases the novelty.  When I was out of ideas, all I typically had to do was sit back and wait.  Something was sure to happen.  my job was to be ready.

Of course, the exercise was invaluable to me as a parent.  As a father, I did not have the luxury of 9 months of prenatal bonding, so I was making up for lost ground.  Hopefully Brooke knows me better than she would absent this experience, although she may not recognize me without a big lens in my face and flashy lights.  Oh well, she wouldn’t be the first person to assume these were my natural appendages.

Day 93. Playing behind out townhouse during a winter storm.

Day 86. An impromptu Christmas portrait at Aunt Shayne’s house in Charlotte.

Day 85. Brooke had a great day shopping the day after Thanksgiving!

Day 84. Brooke and Mommy kick off the Christmas season.

Day 83. Brooke meets Pap.

Day 79. Ethan helps retrieve a recently awakened Brooke.

Day 75. Brooke on the couch.

Day 74. Brook prepares to test the tensile strength of Mommy’s hair.

Day 69. Brooke in her bouncy chair in the kitchen.

Day 63. Brooke on Mommy’s lap.Day 58. Brooke on Mommy’s lap, way past bedtime.

Day 57. Pre-Halloween trick-or treating at a mall by Daddy’s office.

Day 55. Brooke LOVES the teddy bears on her swing!

Day 54

Day 53. Brooke’s tank overflows.

 Day 51.

 Day 49. Ethan plays our bumblebee game with Brooke.

Day 39. Brooke and Grandma after brunch at the Black Market Bistro.

 Day 37.

 Day 32. Grandma and Brook behind our house.

 Day 30. Brooke still hates baths.

 Day 28. Brooke does NOT want to sleep.

Day 22. Brooke examines her photo from day 18.

Day 20. Ethan gives his sleepy sister a kiss.

Day 19. Brooke waits while Ethan explores the Kentlands Post Office.

Day 18. Wendy photographs Brooke.

Day 17. Brooke just puked down Mommy’s robe.

Day 16. Brooke and Daddy’s hands.

Day 15. Another sleepy night.

Day 14. Brooke’s first trip to Panera. Image shot with a lensbaby and creative aperture kit.

Day 13. Brook has her two-week checkup at the National Naval Medical Center.

 Day 11. Brooke snuggles with Mommy.

Day 7. Ethan takes a break from playing to comfort Brooke.

Day 6. Brook and Mommy’s feet on the coffee table.

Day 3. Brooke and Pop before dinner.Day 2. Brooke and Poppy look out the window of the hospital room.

Day 1. One of Brooke’s first photos. Taken during her initial exam, about 20 minutes after birth.