DC Commissioned Officer's Association Holiday Party

One of the best things about being a USPHS Commissioned Corps officer in the DC area is the social networking.  No, not Facebook.  Real faces.  Real people.  Real interactions.  There is no substitute for opportunities to build relationships beyond voices on a teleconference call.  Case in point:  the holiday party for the DC Metropolitan area branch of the Commissioned Officer’s Association.   Yeah, it was at a bowling alley, but it really was cool.  Trust me.  As an unintended bonus, we got to chip away at a symbol of modern isolationism.

LTJG (now LT) Dave Schwab and I teamed up to photograph the event, and we crammed some lights and a backdrop into a corner of the bar to make a portrait station (lighting details here).  As an added bonus, some top PHS brass showed up and let us snap a few frames.  Good times!


Lieutenant Junior Grade (now LT) David Schwab, US Food and Drug Administration Office of Vaccines Research and Review.

Rear Admiral (LH) Boris Lushniak, Assistant FDA Commissioner.

Rear Admiral (LH) Helena Mishoe. Former Chief Scientist Officer, USPHS.

Rear Admiral (UH) Thomas McGinnis. Chief, Pharmaceutical Operations Directorate, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Defense.

Rear Admiral (LH) Kerry Paige Nesseler, Director of the Office of International Health Affairs and the Office of Commissioned Corps Affairs in the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).

Commander James (Jim) Simpson. Presdent, District of Columbia Metropolitan Area Branch of the Commissioned Officers Association.

Rear Admiral (UH) Robert Williams. Former Acting Deputy Surgeon General.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Michael Bowens. Office of the Surgeon General.